We are JKE Home Reset, specialists in luxury interior design and organization. Our goal is to blend stunning interior design with practical organization, allowing you to achieve the harmonious and functional space you've always envisioned.

Our skilled team, with over 16 years of experience, has assisted clients in transforming their homes into stunning and tranquil spaces by blending beautiful design with meticulously planned organization. 

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Carefully Curated Interior Design & Home Organizing 

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Membership plans and priority scheduling allow us to serve clients of all backgrounds. Contact us today to discuss your home organization goals. We look forward to helping you create the relaxing sanctuary you deserve.

Our design process is simple and stress-free. We start by listening closely to understand your priorities, challenges and wishes for the space. Then we craft a personalized plan utilizing high-quality materials, thoughtful design and innovative storage solutions. The result is a beautiful home that brings you joy for years to come.

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Welcome to a world where your home becomes a testament to both style and functionality

With over 16 years of experience in interior design, I have developed a deep understanding of how to make your home beautiful and functional. My expertise lies in creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing while also being practical and organized. I enjoy working with clients to create unique designs that reflect their individual tastes and needs. Whether it's designing a new kitchen, remodeling an existing space, or creating organized systems, I can help you make the most of your living space.


Owner and CEO

Dawn comes to JKE Home Reset after being a stay at home mom to her 4 children for years.  Running her own home and schedules has made her capable of maneuvering all the tasks that come her way in clients homes and do it with a smile. 

 When Dawn is not helping others in her home she is not traveling with her girls for dance or watching her son play sports.  She loves to find unique antiques or build creations from barn wood but one of her favorite things is sitting on her back patio with her family.


team lead

Lynn is an avid organizer. She previously had a business organizing homes for 3 years.  We are thankful she has joined the JKE Home Reset team.  She is so good at helping our clients create calm and order in their spaces. 

When Lynn isn’t smiling with the team and making everyone laugh she loves to curl up with a good autobiography.  She is fascinated by people’s journeys in life.

She was raised in Alaska but moved to Idaho 3o years ago where she met her husband. She is a mom to 6 children that she is thankful she gets to raise in such a beautiful area. 


team lead

 Anna is a seasoned professional organizer with a lifetime of love for all things organized, over eight years of professional experience and a mindset of establishing order to enhance happiness. She lights up when creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. 

As a single mother of four, she understands the importance of organization in maintaining harmony at home, efficiency in work and the joy of living in a space you love!
In addition to her professional ambitions, she is actively engaged in cheering on her children in their endeavors, making itineraries for vacations or trips, baking, running to offset said baking and spending time with all her loved ones.


design assistant 


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